7 CBD Oil Testimonies You Need to Read to Believe

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Have you heard of a “miracle” remedy called CBD oil? If so, you’re on the track to discovering a medicinal component of the cannabis plant which has been proven to benefit conditions ranging from cancer and Alzheimer’s to skin conditions and arthritis.

The component comes from the Cannabis sativa plant. If your first instinct is to shrug off the supplement because you think it will get you high, don’t worry. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the main component which produces psychedelic effects — not CBD. Click here to learn the 5 most common misconceptions about CBD oil.

Because of the stigma surrounding the use of marijuana, many people have been hesitant to try CBD oil. Fortunately, resistance to the herb is lessening. And, as testimonials and anecdotes surface, a growing number of people are choosing to invest in their health in a holistic way… and are experiencing immense benefits as a result.

To inspire more people to consider CBD oil, we’ve compiled a list of 7 compelling testimonials.

1) Charlotte Recovered from Migraines and Anxiety

She wrote on Hemp Oil Benefits: “I tried CBD after trying a number of other brands to help with my migraines and anxiety. It was the only one that didn\’t give a headache or a “floaty” feeling after using it. I would highly suggest the vape oil and tinctures for anyone looking for pain, migraine, or anxiety relief.[…]”

2) Stephanie Beat Cancer

A well-known (and very controversial) testimonial involves Stephanie LaRue. When she was just 30-years-old, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She did undergo chemotherapy but after some time, decided to opt for an alternative approach. That’s when she discovered Rick Simpson’s cannabis oil. Not long after supplementing with the hemp oil, she went into remission. Stephanie has been cancer-free for over nine years now.

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3) Anonymous Beat Drug Abuse and Healed His Pain

This user shared their testimonial with Hemp Oil Benefits. They wrote:

“I’ve suffered with severe neck pain for over 30 years. Got addicted to pain meds and took exedrin daily for 30 plus years. This led to a severe ulcer that has just about killed me several different times.

I finaly bought some cbd oil while in Florida, it was 1200 MG strength and it was a miracle from the moment I took it. Not only did it make me feel better mentally it took away the pain decreased the swelling and allowed me to stretch the rest of the muscles out that I hadn\’t been able to stretch in years.

Now a word of warning not all cbd oil is equal. For me any. Strength under 1200 doesn\’t work. I know there\’s some products that claim they have amazing adoration compared to others but haven\’t tried them yet. If your in pain or struggling with addiction you need to get some of. This!”

4) Michelle is Pain-Free and More Relaxed

The user wrote on Hemp Oil Benefits: “Hi just wanted to let you know I came on Saturday and purchased some oil and I cant belive how I feel!! Within a couple hours I could feel a difference I felt so relaxed and in no pain!! Even getting up for work this morning I didn’t feel anxious it was great and sleeping well too. The lady in the shop was fab and very informative. A massive thank you”

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5) 65-Year-Old Was Told to Replace Her Hip… Instead, She Took CBD

CBD is incredibly beneficial for elder! Just read this teacher’s testimonial which she shared on Hemp Oil Benefits:

I am 65 and have suffered from pain associated with a cranky hip that my ortho says should be replaced within the next 12 months. I was taking Aleve daily to manage the chronic ache with little relief. My doctor suggested trying CBD. I have used for 2 months- I started taking 4 drops of 1500mg oil twice a day. After two weeks, I increased to 7 drops twice a day and the results have been awesome. While the pain from incorrect movement still causes sharp pain, the ongoing ache is essentially gone. I haven\’t taken an Aleve in 5 weeks, and have been able to resume daily training that includes a 2 mile walk, weight training and exercises suggested by my physical therapist. Also back to 54 holes of golf weekly. I’m not sure how long I will feel this good, but it’s a welcome relief at this time. I’m sold!”

6) Dorthy’s Psoriasis Cleared Up in Just 4 Days!

On Hemp Oil Benefits, Dorthy excitedly shared her personal testimony regarding her life-long battle with psoriasis. Read it below:

“People can say what they want but I have been using hemp oil products on my head and body for only 4 days now. I have had psoriasis all of my life. I am 53 years old. Hemp seed oil is the ONLY thing I have ever used with positive results. My psoriasis has improved 150 percent just in 3 days. I recommend it to everyone!!!!!”

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7) Anonymous Found Pain Relief from CBD After Debilitating Car Accident

This anonymous user on Hemp Oil Benefits praises CBD oil with helping to reduce her pain, remedy her anxiety, and help PTSD.

“I was T-boned in a car accident and suffered 2 herniated disks and then got an unrelated case of Diverticulitis with a bowel perforation. I was hospitalized for 5 days on IV antibiotics and morphine. After being released I was still miserable and in pain and healing very slow, even getting a 2nd minor diverticulitis infection. I was extremely fatigued and losing hope that I would ever fully heal. My mom gifted me with CBD oil and not even expecting it to work or thinking about it within 30 minutes to an hour all pain, especially digestive pain was gone. After 2 days of taking it I was pain free, energy back and feeling like myself again. Even on the morphine I was never 100 % pain free. This has truly been a lifesaver for me. I\’ve been doing my research on brands and strengths and now take it sublingual every day. I tell and educate everyone I know about it now. Everyone is different but this saved me and hopefully you don\’t have to suffer anymore either. The added surprise effect for me was a drastic reduction in anxiety and PTSD too. Start slow and increase your dose until you find the right strength for your condition.”

Thousands of people have benefited from supplementing with CBD oil. That’s why I Sell Grass distributes top-of-the-line products to customers in the United States of America and Canada. CBD is indeed a medicine, which is why more people need to learn about its life-supporting effects. If you agree, please share this article. If you’re ready to implement CBD oil into your regimen, visit our store.

Amanda Froelich

Amanda Froelich

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