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    review rating 5  The Wheat grass Honestly changed my life. No one asked me to write this review and frankly I don't normally go out of my way, but thanks to the wheat grass I was able to lose that last 10 lb that no amount of diet and exercise could conquer. I recommend everyone incorporate wheat grass in their lives aside from the external physical benefits, the overall health benefits to the mind, body and soul are a whole other win!

    thumb Jacqui la Rose

    review rating 5  I have been taking this product now for approx two months. My intention was for pain relief due to a chronic hip injury from my lifestyle as a athlete. Little did I anticipate the benefits of the stress relief as well as sleep benefits. I started feeling the effects approx 2 hours after taking the first dose!! I was hooked. I was also diligent in my research for 2 years, especially as I really had no idea about the effects as I wasn't looking for any psychoactive agents in it. NONE whatsoever. AS a competitor. I will continue to take CBD oil and recommend it for those who are active like myself.

    thumb Kristen Large

    review rating 5  Absolutely amazing products! I am enjoying the wheatgrass daily added to my morning smoothie and feeling the boost to my day! Wheatgrass provides a concentrated amount of nutrients, including iron, calcium, magnesium, amino acids, chlorophyll, and vitamins A, C and E! I have way more energy and feel vibrant every day! Also, I sit at a desk all day long and suffer from anxiety and shoulder/neck pain. The CBD hemp oil from NuLeaf Naturals is my favorite. I feel relieved, calm and I can move freely without pain after use. I am Blessed to have found such wonderful natural gifts from the Universe.

    thumb Melissa McQuillan

    review rating 5  I’m the last person to detail the benefits of a green diet but the staff at Isellgrass would absopositively be the first. Simple transaction with an absolute fountain of knowledge on all the products they carry. Wheat grass and/or CBD oil is at your fingertips. Great experience and great benefits.

    thumb Shane Desloges

    review rating 5  #cbdoil Justin Nexus Booth thank you Thanks to a friend for putting me in touch with you Reach out if you have an idea or have done the research that it will help you Believe me it will! For years I was taking Trazodone after a horrific accident when I was hit by a car which left me not able to sleep After doing this no medication has gone into my system at all I feel better for it My sleep patterns are back to normal and my anxiety from decades ago has dissipated Weirdly enough although it maybe because I get to sleep easier my tinnitus is less obvious this in itself is worth it Try it for yourself and you will see the benefits Rest easy all

    thumb trevor johnson

    review rating 5  This wheatgrass is incredible! Having it each morning before I went to class in college gave me natural energy, kept my skin clear and made me feel focused and ready for the day! And not to mention it was so easily prepared! Excellent product and something I highly recommend.

    thumb Kenna Koenigsberger