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Woke Lives

Stay Woke

Stay Woke to the interconnectedness of life. You are not alone. You never are. WL celebrates woke stories and shares tools of how we are STAYING awake.

Draper Solutions

IT, Website, and Computer Solutions

Founded in 2011 by Alex Draper, at Draper Solutions, we have over 20 years experience working with all types of computers and devices.

We work closely with our clients, not only to maintain and service their computers, websites and networks but to educate and teach them about the newest emerging technologies and how they can be implemented at home or at the office.

If we can’t provide a solution to your problem, no one can!

Draper Solutions

AI Grow Light

Full Spectrum App Controlled LED Grow Light

Create your own recipes of light with the world's smartest LED grow light system

The EGX7 Plus is a full light spectrum LED grow light. It consumes a fraction of the power than the traditional High Pressure Sodium or Metal-Halide lighting systems. Start growing today with our LED grow light system

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