$300 Billion is lost each year due to chronic pain, lost work days, and associated medical costs (And Then there was kratom)

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This Ted Talk Explains why #kratom is such a high demand #superfood that is NOW AVAILABLE at


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Peripheral nerve injury, as a consequence of #trauma, #surgery, #inflammation, or other causes, is a major medical problem. Diagnosis and treatment are still considered as unmet medical needs. This TED talk discusses exciting new paths to treating nerve damage. Chris McCurdy is Professor of Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacology, Research Professor in the Research Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences. The reality of drug abuse is that people become addicted so quickly that withdrawal becomes intolerable and the addicts are stuck. McCurdy’s work is to rescue people from addiction to drugs like cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine. He does this by working to make withdrawal more endurable and thus more likely to succeed. His work uses #kratom, a mixture common in Southeast Asia used to treat more common ailments.


here is a video on what is kratom, how to take it, and what does it do :


Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is NOT a synthetic drug. Kratom leaf comes from a tree that organically grows in the jungles across all of South East Asia. Farm labourers originally used Kratom to help them get through a hard days work farming the fields.

Kratom is a member of the Rubiaceae (coffee) family and is used the same as we use coffee in the morning as a pick-me-up. At a psychoactive level the only difference between Kratom and coffee are the naturally occurring active alkaloids. The main active alkaloid in Kratom is Mitragynine and Caffeine is the psychoactive substance naturally occurring in coffee.

We were the first company to import Kratom into the UK in 2002. It’s almost 14 years to the day that Kratom has been commercially available in the UK. At that time we had no idea how beneficial this tree was about to become.

My first experience with the amazing effects of Kratom came from an unknown stranger who suffered with chronic fibromyalgia. I received a very excited call from a young man who told me what he had experienced. Young man explained to me for the past 3 years he had not been outside of his flat and only did so when he had to. Usually every two weeks to cash his gyro. He was too ill to be employable burdening the welfare system, which was no fault of his own.

A friend bought some Kratom and told him it’s a bit like coffee and might make you feel better, ‘’pick you up from your depression’’. To his surprise it did pick him up but he went on to say more. While using Kratom he found that 90% of his symptoms had subsided and for the first time in years he felt normal.

He told me it was raining that day but it did not matter, he could not wait to go outside and enjoy this newfound freedom. Kratom is not a miracle cure, by no means, but in his words, Kratom was the only thing he had found effective after years of being experimented on by his doctor.

It would be wise to sit back and look at facts before we decide to ban something we do not fully understand. This is a classic case of progressive herbal medicine, which was discovered by accident.

There are many undiscovered naturally occurring alkaloids in unknown flora from around the world. Please think this through and look at the evidence before you classify Kratom as a synthetic legal high. We are proud and honoured too of been able to help so many desperate people across the world, with an organic and naturally occurring leaf known as Kratom.

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