An Inside Peek at Ken and Janine Jordan’s Eco-Friendly Lifestyle in Costa Rica [Video]

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Most people, when questioned, will admit that they believe the majority of humans are good. That good may be “deep down” inside them but the inherent desire to act and be of service to others exists. Perhaps if the public didn’t have to struggle to make basic ends meet, that goodness would have a chance to surface. Such is the theory of Justin Booth, the founder of I Sell Grass.

Recently, Justin traveled to the Southern Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica to visit Ken and Janine Jordan. In 2007, the couple committed to an eco-friendly lifestyle and, they’ve haven’t looked back since. Today, they live in Costa Rica on an ecological oasis that exists in harmony with nature. Ken and Janine are also involved with many initiatives that protect wildlife and support their local community.

Ken Jordan is perhaps best known for The Crystal Method (TCM). He is more than an American artist, however. He and his wife, Janine, are permaculture gardeners and philanthropists. Janine is the founder of RaverJ and Green Wave, a US-based ecological education and action 501(c)(3) non-profit. The yogi’s primary teaching is the “Art of Play” which, according to Soul Sister Summitis a practice that “gives permission” to explore spontaneous ritual, art, dance, writing, eccentric self-love practices, and reverence of Nature. Ken and Janine’s commitment to sustainable living is now well-known in the Los Angeles area and in many parts of Costa Rica. 

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The Jordan’s permaculture farm is home to 143 fruit and plant species. All possess medicinal components which support good health. And, because they are cultivated organically, they support a thriving ecosystem. To conserve resources and their environmental footprint, the couple built a carport that houses 20 solar panels. Each panel provides 305 watts, contributing to a total output of 6,000 kilowatts. The Jordans also converted their truck to run on 100% waste vegetable oil.

Learn more by watching the mini-documentary below: 

As Justin explains in the video, Ken and Janine are shining examples of what it could mean to be human. They are not merely existing on this planet but are taking action to improve the quality of their lives and future generations — all while acting as stewards of Earth. We encourage you to learn more about the eco-warriors by visiting Green Wave and by learning about the many projects the organization sponsors. 

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Source: GreenWave 

Amanda Froelich

Amanda Froelich

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