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By October 25, 2018 One Comment

@isellgrass is officially boycotting @paypal. Yesterday we received notice from PayPal that they have seized $2,200 of orders from us claiming that we have violated their terms of agreement by selling pure hemp seed oil with CBD extracted from hemp which has absolutely no psychoactive properties.

They’re holding this money for a hundred and eighty days which has affected our business in a negative way. We will overcome this transition in the meantime we want to share this experience with you as we feel that others will not like the situation just as much as we don’t.
We asked you to share this post and stand with us in boycotting PayPal. This is totally unprofessional from a business standpoint and we are going to vote with your dollar and avoid any PayPal transactions whatsoever. So if you have PayPal on your webpage we will not make the purchase through PayPal will contact you directly and make a purchase through another Avenue.
Justin Booth founder
#VoteWithYouDollar #readbetweenthelinespaypal

One Comment

  • Sandra says:

    You’re absolutely right but please be patient because slowly but steady you are doing the right thing to change this damn world into a better one

    Big Kiss from Europe

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